Finished Spaniel

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Finished Spaniel

  Bud Clouse

  NE-United States


Fully finished Spaniel.

I have a female turns 2 years old in Feb, b/w. This dog has not been trialed but is ready. She is a nice hunter. Compact, pleasant. Great nose and likes to put it down on the moving birds. Good retriever. Steady to wing and shot. Whistle trained, collar trained. Perfect companion for the disciminating shooter! Take this dog on a gentlemen's hunt and all of your friends will lover her.

Male. 3 years old in Feb. This dog runs like a stud! He has power and drive. Loving dog committed to his owner and truely wants to hunt for you and with you. A pleasant combination in a hard charger. Nice leg and not a horse. Again, this is a dream dog that will create a lifetime of memories on hunts.

I have a couple cheaper started dogs that will be ready well before fall '09. If interested they will be much less. Contact for details.

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