Started German Short Hair Pointer Male

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Started German Short Hair Pointer Male

  Chad West

  15930 North Route V
          Hallsville, Missouri - United States



I have a 2.5 yr. old Male GSP white & liver AKC Reg. Gus is "Here and whoa"broke, hunts dead and retreives to hand. Gus points and works the fields with style and class at Med. to close range while hunting birds for you and doing it all day. Gus has a great pedigree with many champions in it and here are a few of them. NFC FC Rawhides Clown, AFC FC Mad Cassino's Beck, FC White Smokin' Mad Max, FC Mosegaard's Jigs, FC Dixieland Rusty plus many more. This GSP is flat bred to hunt some birds.
He is priced at $1500 You can contact us at anytime to discuss this GSP more.