Started German Longhaired Pointer--SOLD

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Started German Longhaired Pointer--SOLD

  Cortney Schaefer

  NE-United States


We have decided to sell Gera, a 15 month old German Longhaired Pointer. Gera is a really nice dog, but we have decided not to breed her (for conformation reasons) and thus she needs to find a new home. She will be sold as a spayed dog. Gera currently lives in the house with us and our other dogs. She is a wonderful pet and loves people and other dogs. I would not recommend her going to a house with cats however.

In the field, Gera performs very well. She has a good medium-range search and is constantly seeking objectives. She has a great nose and stands her birds from well off. She is steady to flush and we are currently working on steady to shot with her. Perhaps Gera's strongest suit is tracking. She is a phenomenal tracking dog with a great nose and fantastic concentration. We have never lost a bird with Gera and I think she would make a really nice pheasant dog for that reason.

In the water, Gera is becoming bolder every day. She has always really liked the water and was making her first marked duck retrieves at 4 months of age, but we have just recently started sending her on blind retrieves and duck searches. We are very pleased with her progress. She is nearly finished with the force-fetching process.

Gera has been run in 3 hunting tests through the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF), the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar-Group North America (VDD-GNA), and the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (NAVHDA). All three of these tests were natural ability tests and Gera did well. We are running her in a VHDF Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation in 2 weeks and are excited to see how she scores there. The AHAE is very similar to a VDD-GNA HZP or a NAVHDA Utility test. She will be officially listed for sale after the conclusion of that test.

Gera is 61cm (23.5in) tall at the shoulders and weighs 60 pounds. Gera has also been PennHipped and her results were in the 80th percentile for all breeds. She has a really great coat that is weather resistant and beautiful.

Please feel free to email me at I would be happy to answer any questions about Gera or the breed in general. We are asking $1500.00 for Gera.