Llewellen Setter Female

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Llewellen Setter Female

  John Meyer

  TX-United States



Libby is a 4 year old female in need of a more suitable home. I moved to town and she can get out of almost any yard situation including climbing chain-link fence up to 8 feet high. She has hunted all her life, a solid point on quail only moving to try and "herd" in the birds if they try to walk off. She will not retrieve, will break to run after a shot, will work well with an e-collar (works to keep her close with an occasional nick), will hunt all day long, does not bother cats, cows or horses. She will get hit by a car here eventually. She needs a pen and to be worked with regularly. Is she a trial dog who knows 15 different commands like the dog in a training book? No way. Will she hunt her rear off all day, find, point and hold birds then help hunt dead if you call her back in after she breaks to try and catch the birds that just flushed? Absolutely. If you think you have the place for her to live and you know what you're doing then this dog may be for you. If you are another guy who lives in town and knows a little about bird dogs, maybe, and thinks that spending 1 hour a week will be enough to rein in this dog then you are just like me, an idiot and this dog is NOT for you. Email if you're interested and let's talk. I'm in Fort Worth, Texas.