AFC Sired JH BLM 12 Months Pointing Labrador

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AFC Sired JH BLM 12 Months Pointing Labrador

  Nathan Jensen

  ID-United States



Currently Louie has 3 legs of his Junior Hunter title complete. He is doing simple doubles, singles at or over 125 yds., and working handling drills. He is
a very stylish and nice dog. (Updated 6/26/08)

Louie is an exceptional retriever. He will be an awesome trial dog or gun dog if that if what he is used for. Louie was my pick in a breeding I did in the
spring of 2007 from AFC CFC CAFC GMPR Jazztime Last Chance v Pekisko and a brood bitch out of FC AFC Cracker of Clubmead.

Louie is doing marks at 100 yards plus in cover and will be extended out
during the training season. We have also been training a lot on the Snake and
Teton rivers, so he is coming to understand current and become accustomed
to river retrieves. Louie's attitude for training is awesome. He is intelligent
and does what he is commanded once he has learned a concept. Louie takes pressure just fine, but little pressure is needed on him to get the desired

Louie has basic obedience including sit, stay, whistle commands, two sided heeling, lie down, kennel. He is FF, CC, and currently working force to pile (4/18/2008). Two things that may deter a buyer: Louie can be messy in the kennel. I typically just keep him in a pet porter as he will not make a mess in there. Another is that another pup nipped at him when he was a puppy. His skin on his back was cut at 4 weeks of age and there is a visible scar about 3
inches long on his back. This in no way affects his capability as a retriever; it's
mostly aesthetic.

I am asking $2000 for Louie.