Honky Tonk/Addition's Big Delivery Female

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Honky Tonk/Addition's Big Delivery Female

  Andy Neria

  207 W Elm
          Savonburg, Kansas - United States




Cher is well on her way to being a really nice gundog. She runs a nice forward race and looks pretty good running. She handles really well and hunts hard. She is liver and white with some ticking on her. She has a great nose and likes to birdhunt but she will hunt with you. She is holding her birds well right now. Cher probably needs to be whoa broke. I have her priced at 800 as she stands or I will keep her and whoa break her and you can have her when I'm done for 1000. Cher will make someone a really nice dog. She is on the softer side in the kennel and in the yard but not in the field at all. This is a nice little dog. Cher was whelped in Oct of 06.