Started - 11 Month Old BLM in CT out of Rebel

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Started - 11 Month Old BLM in CT out of Rebel

  Jeremy Lund

  1340 Old Clinton Road #10
          Westbrook, Connecticut - United States



This is a nice dog that I picked up a couple months ago from a young dog trainer in Idaho. I have started a lot of young dogs and this pup has as much drive as any I have been around. He is through the basics (obedience, FF, CC, pilework). I have started him on T. He handles pressure great and is an average marker. I have hunted him a couple times at a preserve on Pheasants and he did really good. One of the trips we bought a 100 birds (70 pheasents and 30 chukkas). After the first brace (I believe 16 pheasants and 4 chukkas) we decided to put the chukkas out for the pointing dogs since he caught 3 of the 4 chukkas and a couple of the hen pheasants. He found all the birds put out for him and few extra that the previous groups missed. After 2 trips he was already tracking runners and tracked one for over a quarter mile from where it was placed. He is currently in the house with my two young chidren and other than knocking them down a couple times he is great with them. He does like to show affection and likes to be with you which is honestly fairly unusual with a dog that has as much drive as he does. I know that the big question is, why am I selling him? I am working in the Northeast (Connecticut) on a large project for my company and we have the potential of being relocated to Florida where I would not want to have a dog. I am not looking to get rich on this deal, I have about $2000 in the dog and that is what I would take. I also have a wire crate, bed and other equipment that I would throw in the deal for nothing if he was picked up locally. If you are interested in more information let me know. Jeremy Lund 203-213-4429 or

I also have 60 frozen whole pheasants from that shoot that I was going to use for traning birds if anyone is interested.