SOLD-Gloden Retriever Female

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SOLD-Gloden Retriever Female

  Shannon M. Calvert

  75 Forest Drive
          Jasper, Alabama - United States



5 1/2 month old Golden retriever female. Obedience started, heel - good, here - always been good, sit - just O.K., needs sharpening.
Retrieving from bumper boy since 12 weeks old. Retrieving 100 yards plus at present with terrain changes but light cover.
Great in water. Retrieving in water on warm days entire winter.
Very birdy. She has chased and captured live quail since 8 weeks of age. Now retrieving ducks.
Been around gunfire since birth. Excited about gunfire. She knows she is going to get to chase something after a shot.
Very well socialized as I have 3 children form 3 to 8 years old.
Medium golden in color.
She is going to be a large female with alot of drive and her focus is good. Great marking dog for her age and that isn't a typical owners statement. Marking compared against other dogs her age and older.
$1,500 plus shipping. Delivery available close to Alabama.

Shannon Calvert
205-282-1425 cell