BLM-PRTA PRO Trained (North East TX)

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BLM-PRTA PRO Trained (North East TX)

  Jeff Gumminger

          Somerville, Texas - United States



Name is Razz. Client wants to cut his string. Razz is a great house dog. He's obedient, force fetched, collar conditioned. Razz has been marking singles at 250 yards, Doubles at 100 or so yards. Razz is doing patterns, beginning blinds, and cheaters in the morning, beginning QAA marks during the day, and lazes around the camp house in the evening.
Chasin' the girls around too, till I stop him. He's one nice dog but, we can't keep them all.

$3500.00 to the right owner/family.
This guy will make a fine HT/ hunting dog. He's nuts about kids and water.

Physical stats:
black male w/package
70lbs.-->for now....
2 eyes
4 legs
2 ears
and some gray matter that works......

If your are interested, (I don't know how anyone couldn't be)
Contact me at:
for pics and ped:

Jeff Gumminger
Wyld Wings Kennel
(PRTA since 1988)
903-754-4570 cell

P.S. "Razzy get off the couch...bad dog, no buscuit!!)