White / Orange Elhew Female

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White / Orange Elhew Female

  Adam Gray

  401 N. Missouri
          Toledo, Illinois - United States

  217 663-7767


Lady Bird is a one year old female english pointer. She was hunted on wild birds this past season and showed a tremendous amount of natural ability. She was worked on released birds before season and was a natural pointer. She holds both wild and tame birds naturally, and with a very good nose. She was purchased from Pinehill Kennel and her stud was Pinehill Elhew Phantom Gold, his pedigree can be see at Pinehillkennels.com. She is a medium sized dog at 35 LB and likes to run big. She will need more work before next season, but she is very intellegent and it shouldn't take much. I am letting my dogs go due to lack of birds in my area,and time she is a wonderful dog! Thanks for looking!