Homozygous B & W GSP Male

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Homozygous B & W GSP Male

  Chris Moore

  PA-United States




Awesome Blood from Hearland's, Ferronhaus (German Import) Windriver and Clown. 2 year old Bird finding machine. He behaves well and will hold most all his birds. He needs fine tuned by someone with the time to put in to him. Bred him 6 months ago to a Rawhide (pedigree is 100% liver) dog and got all black and white shorthairs. He is with out a doubt Homozygous for the black gene. If you want Black in your shorties or want to guarentee all black pups then this is definately the addition you need to your kennel. Throws high heads, tails and of course black puppies. Call or email with questions. I have one stipulation on this and that would be a future pick out of ONE breeding of my choosing.