Shed Antler Dogs

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Shed Antler Dogs

  Carla Long

  5924 State Hwy DD
          Denver, Missouri - United States



The year of 2007-2008 I will be training a few good shed antler dogs. This program starts with pup from champion bloodlines. The pup will have drive requirements and a keen nose for scent. Pups start at 1,200.00.The program will let you socialize this pup for several months at the early age or let us do it for you. The program starts at the end of the 5th month of the pups life. The Junior hunter is between the age of 8 to 10 months the dog at the end of the 5th month the pup comes back to us and we start the standard training you are sent home with the pup in the inital program and told what to do with socialization, play, and the antler. The program from the 5 to 10 months is a awesome one with obedience, conditioning, retrieving and shed work with antlers on land and water. The sheds are fresh and dry planted in many situations and land conditions for the antler dog to get the best training possiable. I have training many Labrador retrievers in the past several years you will love the animal and will be amazed at the ability of the antler finds. We do want the owner to become involved with the program you will be invited to learn commands and be involved in all training and handleing. I will be taking reservation for pups I will only be doing 4 or 5 this next year or so please get your reservations in for a pup today!