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Free Gun Dog

  Melinda Metz

  OH-United States



We brought Sophie, our spaniel puppy, home from the pound five years ago. Sophie was always very eager to learn and tricks came easily. She was soon acting up and we had her evaluated by a dog behaviorist who said it was because of her high intelligence that she was bored and we needed to do more to stimulate her. This is when my husband started teaching her to hunt. She is now an experienced dove hunting retrieval dog, will flush rabbits, and has retrieved ducks on 3-4 outings. She is not gun shy and is very well behaved in the field and even minds her manners on public grounds.
Sophie has always loved kids and didn’t even mind being used as a pillow for many toddlers. We had high hopes for a big loving family when we had our daughter a little over a year ago. Due to many complications during the birth we had to board Sophie for almost a month and when she came home she was very upset that she couldn’t snuggle with me in bed with the baby while I recovered. She has grown very jealous of our baby and has snapped at her but has inhibited herself enough not to land a real bite just yet. This is why even though we love this dog we are in search of a good home for her to live in permanently. We are hoping there is a good family out there with older kids who would love a wonderful dog and possible hunting companion. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in adopting Sophie. We are not asking for any money and would even consider paying for vet bills at Oakside Animal Clinic in Delaware--just the promise that we can get some updates on her through out the years. We have tried rescue groups but the cocker groups say they are full and the only English cocker (which she looks more like) rescue person to respond informed me that they only accept full blooded dogs and I would need verification of her lineage in order for her to be rescued. We are trying to avoid taking her back to the pound, so if this dog sounds right for you or someone you know please call us at (740) 362-6606.