2 young, started Vizslas for sale

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2 young, started Vizslas for sale

  Linda Rogers

  6113 TR 175
          Cardington, Ohio - United States




Voodoo was born 7-4-06. She has 3 of 4 passes for her AKC Junior Hunter. She is a quiet dog that does well in the house. She is a slow, close working field dog who loves the water. Her father is a show Champ with a NAVHDA UT 3 and an AKC Master Hunter. Her mother is a show dog that hunts. Both are OFA and Pennhip clear. We bred Voodoo to be field and show however she is not up to the show standard we require so she is looking for a new home.
Ritz was born 2-24-07. She was held back due to her wild ways. She is still a handful but ready to move out of here. She showed the most desire in the field at litter eval and loves the water. She is very energetic but can be quiet in the house. She is nice enough to show and will be a great bird dog. Her father is a hungarian bred dog imported from New Zealand for the purpose of adding new blood to our line. He is Pennhip clear but not old enough for OFA yet. Her mother is also Voodoo's mother.
Both dogs are top quality and 1 will certainly suit your needs.