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Finished GSP

  Chad Vinatieri

  14000 N 14th St
          Raymond, Nebraska - United States



Missouri Slick Cajun 1xNSTRA $2000 ----- STUD FEE $400 Jock is a great dog and has a WOW pedigree. He has a cannon for a nose. He is a big running dog but still finds birds while doing it. If you are looking at putting more run in your litter of pups, don't look past Jock. Range LARGE, Size (65 pd) WHITE/LIVER - is now RETIRED TRIAL DOG!

Vinn's Bj Kramps $3000 BJ is a big running trial dog. She is a 35 pd ball of fire. When I want to kill bird, BJ is on the ground in front of me. She is that dog that always seems to be in the birds, even when the other dogs can't find any she can. Great nose! She has had a couple litter of pups and has done a great job. Her father is a FC and mother is a MH. BJ has starting her NSTRA field trial career and placed second in her very first trial. Range LARGE, LIVER/WHITE

Phyls Shelby Sue $3000 Shelby has a top notch NSTRA pedigree. She has 2 litter mates that have NSTRA placement already. She is a great hunting dog and I have killed a ton of pheasants and quail this year over her but I'm not sure if she is going to have the range to be a trail dog. Range MEDIUM, Size (60 pd) LIVER/ROAN

BCK's Miss Maggie Mae $3000 Maggie has a who's who of the AKC Field Trial Pedigree, it just doesn't get much stronger then that. She has a very strong nose. Range CLOSE, only because the person that owned her prior hunted her on a pheasant farm and took the run out of her. Size (45 pd) WHITE/LIVER

Vinn's Ragin Rocket $1500 ----- Stud Fee $300 Rocket is the biggest running dog I have ever owned. He place 2nd last year in an AKC Derby stake, as a one year old pup, beating 12 other dogs. Rocket only has one speed, and that is full speed ahead. He is going to start NSTRA trialing the spring of 07 and I'm expecting great things from him. I hope the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree and follows in his father foot prints. Range LARGE, Size (65 pd) WHITE/LIVE

Vinn's General Carter $3000 -----Stud Fee $300 Carter is a son of 2xNSTRA champ General Norman and a littermate sister to Buck. This dog has style to burn, and it has carried over in his pups. Carter is still trying to find his range right now he is between MEDIUM and LARGE. I have killed a ton of quail over him this year. Size (55 pd) ROAN

Vinn's High Hard One $1000--- Stud Fee $300 Rod's father was a NSTRA dog and his mother was the 2000 National Gun Dog Champion (AFC,FC) He took a second in an AKC puppy stake. Rod is double breed Dixieland. He has a ton of drive and never stop hunting, no matter how hot or thick the cover. He is a big running competive dog. He is going to be a NSTRA trial dog. Range LARGE, Size (55 pd) WHITE/LIVER

DMR's Rock Solid $3000 Jessie is new NSTRA dog to my kennel. She is breed NFC Rawhides Clown on the bottom,& 2xNSTRA Fancy Little Rock, & 2xNat. Champ & 21xNSTRA Champ Fancy White Trash. She is great wild bird dog and I will be run her in NSTRA trials. She is very stylish. Range LARGE Size (40 pd) WHITE/LIVER