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Several Started AKC Labs

  Jami Collier

  501 S Cherry St
          Stockton, Missouri - United States



I have several dogs and one pup that I must sell due to a career change and having to relocate. The prices are negotiable as I have been unable to finish these dogs training due to financial difficulties. It is our hope to place these dogs in hunting homes. They are all very trainable but I have limited training resources to take them to finished level.

4 yr. old BLM, yellow factored, by 2x NAFC Candlewoods Ramblin Man. Solid pedigree and has sired good natural retrievers. He will force to piles. Has done doubles and single T drills for handling. He is steady and has been shot over. His price is 1,000.00 OBO

2.5 yr old Chesapeake Bay Retriever female, not much flash in the pedigree but she is a solid hunting dog. She has lots of go in water and on land. She is steady, forced to piles, does doubles and simple handling drills. Her price is 650.00 OBO

2.5 yr old YLF, mostly bench breeding, beautiful coat and confirmation, she also is steady, forces to piles, has done doubles & simple handling drills. However she shows much more potential as an upland flusher than a waterfowler
as she quarters a field very naturally and enthusiastically. Her price is 650.00 OBO

7 mo old BLM out of 4 yr male above and brood bitch below. Super pedigree and a very natural retriever. He is doing singles land and water, working on obedience and becoming steady, he will take bumpers out of your hand on fetch command so I think force fetch will go smoothly. His price is 550.00 OBO

4 yr BLF brood bitch, also UKC registered & chocolate factored, dam of puppy above, excellent pedigree only 3 untitled dogs in first 3 generations. She was rescued from an abusive environment and has always been a family pet although she enjoys drills with bumpers and is a very willing retriever on land and in water we never tried to put any real training pressure on her, she has whelped some nice pups though. her price is 300.00

call or email us for additional info., we have pics. and pedigrees of the dogs or their parents