FC NAN-DOOL ELWOOD BLUES chocolate daughter

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FC NAN-DOOL ELWOOD BLUES chocolate daughter

  david christopher

  TN-United States



I am reposting my female due to recent supposed purchaser backing out for a medical reason. Jenna is an intact chocolate female who has regular cycles and weighs in at 54 pounds. She has just had her shots and is up to date on everything and I just recieved her hip information back and OFA has graded her excellent. She can easily do started or junior work. She has been hunted on dove, ducks, pheasants and geese although she is a bit small for geese. She can do doubles and triples and has been worked on short force to pile out to 50 yards or so and has done baseball drill. Her obedience is solid as is her force fetch. Came in this past March but has not been bred. Due to my work that does not allow me to be off but one weekend a month and having two small kids I can not run her in the hunt tests like I had intended so I would ove to see her get the chance to do tests and hunt also.