Female Choclate Lab

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Female Choclate Lab

  megan vosika

  MN-United States



I have had this female from the time she was 6 weeks,She is a great dog so selling her isnt easy on me,But i am no longer living at home and can not keep her at the place i currently am living.She is around three years old.I have hunted her on a few occasions and she did wonderful,Could use some work but she is very intelligent and quick to learn.I am looking to find her a new home where she will get the much needed attention and be as much of a family dog as she will be a hunter.She would make beautiful puppies if she was to be breed.So if you are interested in knowing more just let me know and i will anwser questions the best i can... I am only willing to sell to a good home so please only inquire if you could provide her with that...Thanks