Honky Tonk/Elhew Pointer Male

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Honky Tonk/Elhew Pointer Male

  Robert Ashby

  2410 View Drice
          South Weber, Utah - United States



Cowboy is a direct son of 5 time NSTRA Champion Honky Tonk Rack. His Grandsire is Hall of Fame Dog Honky Tonk Attitude. He is Honky Tonk on top and Elhew on the bottom. He is 2.5 years old.

He is a stylish bigger running dog (100-300 yards). He has hunted with me many days in the field. Pheasants, grouse, and chukar in Utah. Sage Grouse in Wyoming, and Pheasants in South Dakota. He retrieves to hand every time. He loves to retrieve bumpers while training or in the back yard. He even makes water retrieves. He is collar conditioned. He has been around my kids without issues. He is an outside kennel dog. He sleeps in the garage. He has not been house trained.

Quirks. He points with a bit of a "sickle tail", which means his tail will curve to the side. Not much of an issue, but I wanted to mention it. He is not fully broke. He will sometimes break point at the flush. I like my dogs like that. I want them right under the bird for the retrieve. He just needs a little more work to be fully broke.

He will make someone a fantastic hunting dog or he would be a great dog for someone looking to get started in NSTRA trials.