brittany female, orange and white, at least a year old

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brittany female, orange and white, at least a year old

  Shauna Sherk

  20 Yohe Road
          Bradford, Pennsylvania - United States



Hello. Im looking for an orange and white brittany female that is going to make good breeding stock to a brittany of mine. Im a pro trainer located in Pa, so she will go to a good home and be hunted every day of the season. She doesnt have to have much training, Im not looking for a $2000 dog. I can finish her training myself. All I ask is that she is medically sound and that she comes from moderate hunting bloodlines. What I mean by that is this: If she doesnt have a field trial winner in every generation thats fine. Im looking for a good gun dog that is going to throw some good gun dog pups. I would need to see some field trial wins with her grandparents or see that some of her ancestors came from a good hunting dog kennel but again it doesnt have to be perfect.