Wanted: Un-Started Retrievers

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Wanted: Un-Started Retrievers

  blaine woodrum

  0866 W US 6
          Albion, Indiana - United States




We are curently looking for dogs 1-3 years old that have high drive of retrieve and hunting.
Our definition of retrieve means we dont care if they bring it back and prefer that they dont. We are looking for these dogs primaraly in the midwest.These dogs will be used for drug and bomb detection around the world. If you have a dog that is to high driven, to hyper, retrives most objects thrown we may be able to use them.We are not looking for dogs that only retieve sometimes but all the time. Even if you have a gun shy dog we can sometimes use these. We normaly use labs or goldens. But are open to other hunting breeds akso. Price will be negotiated per dog. We dont need papers for these dogs either. Feel free to check out our web site for our info or email us or call. Thank you,
Detection k-9's