AKC Started male and female britts for sale

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AKC Started male and female britts for sale

  David Pabst

          Sanborn, Minnesota - United States




I have two three year old male brittanys for sale. Talon (Roan and White) Gus (Orange and White) and one Seven year old male britt for sale, Dexter (Orange and white). These brittanys come with a loaded pedigree, none of the males have been fixed. I also have three females for sale. Kadie (who is our house dog, I won't let her go for less then 3500 though) Lizzy (nolans last bullet) 1500, Lizzy has had one litter of puppies, she is three years old is a very close hunter and would make a great dog for the older gentleman. Gredda who is three has had a litter also is an excellent retriever and pointer. All of these dogs have excellent pedigrees and hunt extremely well. I've ran as many as seven of my dogs at one time without any trouble. There pedigrees will speak for themselves and there hunting ability is second to none.....
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David Pabst - 507-648-3797