Wanted Male GSP

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Wanted Male GSP

  William Witkouski

  PA-United States




I’m looking for a male buddy dog. He will hunt when the season is in and live in the house and will be part of the family. I will provide a great home for this dog!

I take my dogs to a professional trainer to learn the basic obedience and hunting skills.

Wish List and Questions and Comments:

Good with Toddlers/Children
Create Trained
House Broken..This is a must!
Good with other Dogs (I have a 2.5 yo Female Rescue GSP)
Knows some basic commands....
Show the desire to hunt. I’m a foot hunter would like a close ranger dog for grouse and peasants.
Can you provide Pedigree?
Health Guarantees?
Owner/Buyer Contract?
List of References, vet and previous buyers?
I will not be breeding this dog
I will be getting him his AKC hunt test certifications.

Thanks in advance for your attention to these question. This is a 15 year commitment and of course we both want to make sure we have the right dog for our home.


Any and all information would be of great help!