Started German Shorthairs and FC Sired Labs

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Started German Shorthairs and FC Sired Labs

  Dayle Luedeke

  SD-United States



We have several 10 month to 1 1/2 year old German Shorthairs almost ready to go.

We also have a finished wirehair male and a couple well bred labs almost ready to go. I also have two very well bred five month old chocolate female lab pups that are doing great on land and water. They have been shot over and have retrieved several birds off the gun. I am almost ready to start force breaking them. You will love this line these pups are from. I have two of my personal dogs that are full siblings to these two chocolate pups. Both of my females are black. I also have a black male and a 2 year old finished chocolate female you can see on the website as well.

We have two very well bred German Shorthair litters almost ready for their new homes as well. All colors and another litter on the way.

Our version of a started dog is:fully obedience trained, crate trained, jump and kennel on command, force broke, collar conditioned, steady on point, whoa broke, gun broke, field tested, will retrieve the bird to hand or sit at heal and hold, and will have had many birds shot over them. They are ready to hit the field. For labs the same applies without the point and whoa. They will be at the point to start putting their handling on them. All they need is the field experience you will give them over the next couple hunting seasons. They will definitely make your hunt more enjoyable this year and will save many birds for you.

If you would like more info you can contact us at 605-262-0844 or email