Brittany Spaniel Brood Female?

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Brittany Spaniel Brood Female?

  Danielle Greanya



Looking for a home for our Orange and White Brittany Spaniel Female that will be 2 years old on Aug 19th. We have been breeding both Brittany Spaniels and Labrador Retrievers and are trying to downsize on our Brittanys to make more time to train our Labs for Hunt tests. She has had no training on birds and has basic obedience such as sit but no further training than that. She is crate trained. Our dogs live outdoors on our acreage and are free to run during the day in fields(around 3 dogs per field) We have several shelters for them. They are not kenneled or confined. She gets along with other dogs and currently lives with 3 other females(2 Brittanys and 1 Lab) but can be a dominant female, although she is not mean.

She will be 2 years old in August. She has Hip xrays from our vet college that does hip certification at 18 months of age. Her hips were rated Normal Fair-Good (our vet college from my experience rates harder than OFA go I am guessing she would receive OFA good). She has CERF normal eyes that was done June 2/06.

Our original plan was to use her for breeding purposes. We are looking to find her a home as we have 3 Brittany females currently and want to only have 2 females. Since our other females are completing their show championships as we speak we are trying to find a home for her. She is due to come into heat in Nov. We have never tried to breed her before. She cycles about every 7 months.

We would sell her to a responsible breeder but would not want her to be crated/kenneled all the time or go to a puppy farm situation. Buyers will be carefully screened.

She is weary of small children (we have 2 of them) and that is part of the reason for trying to rehome her. She has never tried to bite them but backs away in a scared manner when they approach her. We have done some work with her in that regard but we would rather be safe than sorry.

Please feel free to ask any questions. We will be totally honest with you as we want to find her the right home. We will consider all reasonable offers.

Buyer to pay shipping from Canada