Wanted Started Yellow Male Lab

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Wanted Started Yellow Male Lab

  Danielle Greanya




Looking for started yellow male between 5 months to 3 years old to join our family/kennel. Must be from exceptional pedigree, MUST be good with other dogs including intact males, MUST be good with children. Health is also exceptionally important. If the dog is over 8 months old we will require hip and elbow prelim xrays to be done WITH PERMANENT ID. CERF eye exam required as well. Would prefer CNM test as well. We are looking for a confident energetic dog who loves to please and retrieve. Dog must be able to handle mild correction. Dog must not exhibit shyness or lack of confidence in new situations or with people. Must not be gunshy. If under 2 years old the dog must have a hip/elbow/eye guarantee. Amount of training not important but we do require a strong pedigree dog who has good joints/eyes. We do not want a washout.Titled dogs are a bonus. Dog will be used to do hunt tests, working certificate tests, and obedience and also be a family pet. Future stud dog as well. Please email information, photos, pedigree and asking price. As well, we live in Canada so please advise which airport you use for shipping.