Wanted older female GSP or Pointer

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Wanted older female GSP or Pointer

  Ron McDaniel

  CO-United States



I'm a foot hunter who is looking for a gsp or pointer preferably female (a male is possible but he must be neutered, not dominant, not dog aggressive and get along well with other dogs) about 5-6 years of age. I'm only looking for a dog that hunts hard, runs fairly big and holds point. No retrieving needed, not whoa broke, not whistle trained, or collar conditioned. Just a dog that hunts hard, gets along with other dogs, has some experience and isn't gunshy. I would prefer a dog that is spaded and has been in the house but I can get that done later (i'm not going to breed the dog). I have purchased a few dogs similar to what I am asking for and paid between 100.00 and 450.00 depending on the level of training/experience and the drive/breeding of the dog. I live near Denver, Colorado and would prefer to only travel about 300 miles or so away from here. Do you have a dog that fits the bill? If you do give me a call 303-588-6325 Ron