Male GSP - Jake - Experienced Hunter

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Male GSP - Jake - Experienced Hunter

  Jim Corpening

  1920 S. Carlson
          Topeka, Kansas - United States



Good hunting dog. Jake puts birds in the bag. He hunts in gun range, no running to keep up. He covers ground like a windshield wiper. He points and holds point for as long as the bird is there. He relocates if the bird leaves. He retrieves to hand. Handles in the field, comes when called.

He has been kenneled and kept in the house. He would need some manners polished to be put back in the house. No loss for energy. Big Boy 65#'s plus. He busts brush well. He doesn't fight unless provoked by other males. He has not been nuetered.

2 1/2 yrs old. Has had well over 150 pheasant, all wild, shot over him.

His breeding is heavy Moesgaard. Goes back to Jigs White Smoke and other old Moesgaard lines.

I raised him from a pup. Started field trialing pointers and don't have the time for him I once had. He loves people and kids.

Located in Silver Lake, KS.