Champion sired orange/white female setter

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Champion sired orange/white female setter

  Michael Cotter

  SD-United States



Cody is a beautiful, well-tempered pup out of Minnesota. Whelped 11/02/04. She's got an orange eye patch and two ear patches. The rest is orange ticking. Her sire, Berg Bros Jack, is a shooting dog champion and her dam, Berg's Perpetual Motion, is a daughter of Tekoa Mountain Sunrise. Information on the sire and dam may be found at under the Berg Bros. kennel listing. I don’t know the current weight but she weighed 26 pounds at five months. She loves people, dinnertime, four-wheeler rides, tennis balls, and birds.

I've introduced her to .22 shotshells and shotgun primers, birds, four wheelers, cattle, and will start her around horses in the next week or so. We have tree rows, fences, brush, and grass around the house with lots of wildlife for her to practice on. I haven’t started any formal hunting lessons yet. She’s learning to use her nose and the wind well enough without my interference. I've worked on basic obedience commands (kennel, get in, here, hold, no, okay, get out of here (dogs are not a welcome addition in the calving pens)). My other dog is a water-loving lab (already sold) that introduced Cody to cold spring water. She's not overly fond of swimming yet but will play and retrieve in the shallows.

Cody is not the average setter. She's been pointing since I got her at 8 weeks and just started scent pointing on her own. I think she will be a great hunting dog. She'll run up to a mile away when encouraged by another dog but sticks relatively close (1/3 mile) to me when we go out in the pasture. I’m spending the summer on a 5000-acre ranch in north central South Dakota where she has free run of the place. Most of the time she sticks within earshot of the house. She’s eligible for registration with the FDSB--you get to pick her name. Contact me for pictures or questions. If she doesn’t work out, just ship her back within two weeks (unbred and unaltered please!) and I will refund full purchase price. I don’t want to sell her but I am starting active military duty this fall. Nothing is wrong with her. She's my dream dog. I've whipped her twice--both times involved calves and putting my life in danger. I haven't met a dog that is so obedient and fun to be around. Price includes crate. The closest airport is Bismark, North Dakota. You are responsible for any and all flight arrangements.