Well Started GSP Female

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Well Started GSP Female

  John Roggow

  26120 128th st
          Trail City, South Dakota - United States




I have a White and liver female FSP. she is a great little dog and weighs about 48 pounds. She has been raised in the h ouse but does not mind to be out in the kennel outside for a while either. When this dog goes out to the feild she is all business. She had 3 monthes of professional training this summer. This dog is steady to flush, stop to flush about 80 percent of the time. She is completly whoa and heel broke. Sometiem she will break on point just because she is so intense on her pointing. She has a 12 poker tail. I entered her in nstra this fall for the first time and she got 4 place at a mn region event. I think that is pretty good for her first time out in an event. She looks awseom on south roosters being that she is jsut coming off her second full season of them. She really know how to handle them birds. She is completly collar and shot gun broke, but i choose not to use the collar cuz she listenes very well. Sometimes she will raange a little ways out there but jsut give a toot on the wistle and she comes right back. This is a great dog, any moire info on pedigree, or pics or just info on her i would like to hear from u. Thanks for reading my ad