Started Chessie (FM, CC, FF, triples, started hanlding)

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Started Chessie (FM, CC, FF, triples, started hanlding)

  bryan dick

  264 mcmurtrey rd
          pendletons, South Carolina - United States



I picked up this bitch from a local breeder here in the area who had only used her as a brood bitch. I wanted to curn the time on waiting for a dog to mature for me to hunt over, as I found myself without a gun dog for the first time in years. She had recieved only enough training to give me trouble with CC, but we got through it. She advanced through training quicker than any dog I have trained. She has been collar conditioned, force fetched, forced to the pile out to 100 yards, worked through tripples with one of the three out to 100 yards. I have worked her on diificult marks with terrrain and wind, and she marks pretty well out to about 75 yards. I train her with my dummy launcher, and she is fanatic about a gun shot, she loves it. She will handle, but has only had a few weeks of training in that regard.

She was, in my estimate, abused or neglected when young, so the obstacle in training her has been to develop her confidence. She still does not have it, the way i want it. She is highly devoted to me, and watches every move i make, but tends to want to be in something or under something in social settings.
She is house tained and extremely loving and gentle with no tendancy to fight other dogs.
I took her to South Dakota where she picked up about 75 ducks, and hunted as long as 4 hours in very cold water up to her chest, without ever loosing her desire to hunt. She would not pick up pheasents, but likes pheaents and doves.

I am letting her go because she requires more time on birds and i have another young dog coming along. She gets so excited when hunting, she marks poorly, trying to watch too much. She needs birds. I am pretty demanding from my dogs so you can pick up a better hunting dog than most people would ever own. Just put her on birds and she will become a very nice retriever. If you want a family dog, she is imcoparable, gentle around kids and will not fight another dog untill actually bitten by the other dog, then she defends herself and quickly walks away.
If she did not have the confidence issues and picked up pheasents i would not take less than 1500 for her. But she does so you can get her for the price of a pup and be sure to have a solid hunitng dog. She has a lot of training! Her bloodlines are OK, so she is a brood bitch prospect also.

I have described in detail her strengths and weaknesses so please do not waste my time unless you have serious inquiries.

She is about 26 inches to the shuolder and 85#. Photos can be sent to interested parties.

I will fly her for shipping cost.