Insults and idiots

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Insults and idiots

  Jim Higgins

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          St. Marys, Pennsylvania - United States

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After reading the post from Kip Winger several times I just have to respond.
I have no idea what your gripe is with Mr. Hart but get over it. I have never met Mr. Hart or done any business with him to date but have corresponded with him several times and found him to be forthcoming with his information and making no exagerated claims. He listed for me strenghts as well as weaknesses of dogs that he has listed. I am an experienced dog trainer and handler and have met my fair share of cheats and huksters over the years but have no reason to put Mr. hart in that catagory at this time.
With that said let me address your remarks about Mr. Harts level of education and your apparent disdain for people who make a mear $30,000 per year.
I am a self employed High school graduate who thru hard work and self education have consistanly earned well into six figures for over 20 years. I have employed many college graduates and worked as an equal with many individuals with advanced degrees. I also know MANY well educated people who support themselves working at Wal Mart.
Thru the comments you have made over the past few days you have proven yourself to be either an eliteist snob or a complete idiot......but I am sure either way you consider yourself very well educated.
From the tone of your post I am confident that Mr. Hart is a man I would prefer doing business with given the choice between the two of you...and I am certain he would be much better company to have a beer with.
Knock yourself out correcting my spelling and grammer if you don't have anything better to do