stupid games

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stupid games

  nelson hart

  136 melissa lane
          austin, Arkansas - United States



I am sure anyone who read your last had the same reaction I had. If someone paid $30,000 for a dog they have more money than they know what to do with.To tell you the truth I don't really care. You need to take a reality check not everyone has that kind of money to throw around. Most people that have contacted me are hard working people that live pay check to pay check who just love to hunt. These are the people I try to sell dogs to for the plain and simple fact that they value everything they own and are not afraid to work for what they have. I myself don't think there is anything wrong with cutting people a deal every now and then. If the world was run by people like you the hard working man could never own a thing. I don't know about anyone else but if I can spend 700 instead of 1700 and get the same thing I will be more than glad to do it. I could give you the numbers for several people who have paid those exact prices and are more than happy with the dog they purchased. If you have anything further to say to me you can e mail me. I am sure people get on this website to purchase dogs not to read a bunch of bs.