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Started British Lab

  Chris Cianci

  8737 brooks drive ste. 201
          Easton, Maryland - United States



Baxter is a 12 month old British Lab, who is ready for doves , upland and waterfowl . He is steady, retrieves to hand from land and water. He, like his Father is an amazing flushing dog and will be a welcome addition to the uplands or any waterfowl blind this fall.

He is the third dog I've trained from similar breeding, his two older brothers have proved to be great dogs in the field and in the home. His British background makes him have all the drive you will ever need in the field yet he is calm in non hunting situations. He has a great on/off switch and can be handled by someone with even limited experience.

Lets be clear, he's not a field trial dropout or a dog I originally wanted in my own kennel and now I see something I don't like. He, in my mind has no bad traits or habits. The plan since he was a young puppy was that he would be trained as a started dog and then be passed on to a new owner/family so he can provide them with a lifetime of great memories.

He's naturally very smart, loves to train and has the foundational elements in place so he will be handling and running blinds soon.

My training crew and I will miss him dearly.
Videos available to interested parties