Finished Brittanies For Sale

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Finished Brittanies For Sale

  Chuck Purgason

  2680 Rd. 7360
          Caulfield, Missouri - United States


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Tubs - Whelped 9/1/2011 - Tubs is an excellent young male Brittany. We will point back and retrieve. He is very friendly and eager to please. He has had many quail and pheasant shot over him this past season and is ready to provide many years of companionship and hunting. Great young dog. Price is $1500
Teddy - littermate to Tubs and is just as good a dog. We have hunted them both together and many hunt and both are great young dogs Price $1500

Clifford. - Whelped 4/28/2005 - Older dog but is a great birddog. Points, backs and retrieves. He has had thousands of birds shot over him and he is as good as they come. Good Natured and no faults. Pleasure to hunt. Price 1,000

Gracie - Whelped 8/1/2010 - Beautiful young female. If you are looking for a hunting dog and one for the house, she would be great. Very loving and well mannered. Is also a great birddog and has had hundreds of birds shot over her. We have used her the past season as a guided hunt dog. Good nose and retrieves well. $1500

Stewart - Whelped 8/21/2010 - Finished young male. Points, Backs and Retrieves. Have also used him on guided hunts and is really good on pheasants.

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