2 Year Old Mya Black Lab Female Very Well Trained

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2 Year Old Mya Black Lab Female Very Well Trained

  Kate Johansson

  WA-United States

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AKC registered Mya turns 2 years old on May 1, 2013. She has all the tools and all the drive. FF, CC, pile work, T, double T, swim-by, cheating singles, two along the shore, shoreline blinds, casts on and off points. SHE IS INTACT, EIC/CNM CLEAR BY PARENTAGE. Sire is QAA Master Hunter. Mom is Senior Hunter. Hips have not been OFA'd but no problems--sire's hips are excellent, mom's are good. Two litter mates were prelimed last year and they came back excellent. She was hunted last season both upland and water.

Check out these two videos of Mya (pronounced Maya, or My-Ya) (Copy and paste code to browser) The first video shows her technical training both on blinds and marks in the water. The second video is just footage I accidentally left out of the first, showing that Mya is totally comfortable around gun fire.



Mya is an excellent marker and she comes by it naturally. Her sire, Duke, is a repeat winner of a number of local 5 and 10 series singles competitions. Duke won the latest local competition just last month. Her mom, Joanie, was also one of a handful of dogs that finished that same competition out of 60 dogs who started.

Mya is very affectionate and eager to please. She is excellent in the house and around small children. Super high drive after birds, relaxed and easygoing around the house.