Well Started, 1.5 Y.O., Black Lab Female "Tango"

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Well Started, 1.5 Y.O., Black Lab Female "Tango"

  Kate Johansson

  WA-United States

  (253) 569-0411

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Tango is an intact female sired by AKC Master Hunter and Qualified All Age "Duke." Her mother is an AKC Senior Hunter. Tango is Force Fetched and CC. She is beginning to run pattern blinds and has been running challenging, long (300 yards + and past short gun stations) marks for some time. She is beginning to do multiple marks in the field (doubles, triples.) She is a dream in the house, very affectionate and super smart. SHE IS CNM AND EIC CLEAR BY PARENTAGE and her hips are guaranteed to pass OFA at 2 years old. (Sire's hips are excellent and dam's are good.) She is a very determined hunter and will chase a bird into very thick brush. She absolutely hates to let a bird get away. She is steady to shot and ready to go upland or waterfowl hunting.

For specific information about her pedigree, please go to the AKC website. Her AKC registration number is SR68108302.

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