1 finished YLM (6yr old), 1 started YLM (2 yr old)

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1 finished YLM (6yr old), 1 started YLM (2 yr old)

  Nathan Jensen

  3990 e 20 n
          Rigby, Idaho - United States



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Dog 1: YLM born 4/14/06. Ridge is a JH 80 lb. dual bred intact male. He is a turn-key meat dog that earned his JH young and has been used primarily for waterfowl ever since. This dog knows his business hunting out of a blind or duck boat. He has retrieved a couple limits of ducks/geese 5 days per week all through the season for the past 5 seasons. FF is strong. Obedience is strong. He is great on singles and short doubles (like hunting multiple falls). He has been a family dog raised in the house around kids and used for hunting. He is thick, with a very blocky frame and head. A lot of people LOVE how he looks. He is OFA good hips, CERF clear, OFA elbows normal, EIC/CNM clear. I believe he has at least 4 more good solid seasons in him, if not more. He is not slowing down one bit. This dog was not originally mine; I had bred my black bitch to him a couple years ago and turned out some outsdanding pups. His owner put him for sale last December and I bought him for $2500 so I could repeat the breeding. I intended to keep him, and he is not really too hard to keep around, but some stuff has changed and 6 dogs isn't an option for me right now. I am asking the same price that I paid for him.

Dog 2: YLM born 5/2010. Trigger is a 65 lb, very fit, lean, athletic, fast dog. He was a pup out of a breeding I did with my SH female out of FC AFC Pin Oak Tx Rex and a HRCH SH Male out of Boise who was sired by FC AFC Rebel with a cause. The pedigree is outstanding on this dog. He is bred to go and go he does. He would need to go to a home that trains or hunts regularly. He has bottomless energy to hunt and retrieve. The original owner got a divorce and was going to take him to the pound last winter. He called me and I have been working with him all summer to get him ready to hunt. Trigger seriously is one of the best markers I have trained. He is fast and agile and a great swimmer. His strengths in breeding also bring some quirks. He sometimes tries to creep and break, but responds to correction very well. He is just so ready to go that he pushes his limits sometimes and the training has to be reinforced or it could turn into a "problem dog". Trigger has basic obedience, sit, stay, here, heel, kennel, etc. He is great on single marks as far out as you want to make them. Ok on launched doubles, great on hand-thrown doubles and triples. He is FF and CC. He is currently working on force to pile. He doesn't handle at all yet. Trigger has been used mostly as an upland dog, so he has probably about 2 dozen waterfowl (duck blind) hunts under his belt. He has retrieved hundreds of birds. One thing that I have noticed in getting Trigger back is that he doesn't seem to have been in the house much. I have let him be in mine periodically, but he seems more comfortable outside. He also can be somewhat territorial. There have been a couple of times that he has growled at someone he doesn't know approaching his kennel. I have not done his hips or eyes yet, but am willing to do so if necessary. Both of his parents were OFA excellent, elbows normal, and CERF clear. He is CNM clear/EIC carrier. I'm asking $1900 for him.