25x CH Crow's Little Joe stud dog and double granddaughter of 25x CH Crow's Litt

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25x CH Crow's Little Joe stud dog and double granddaughter of 25x CH Crow's Litt

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States



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These are the last 3 pointers that I own. The best foot hunting dogs from the whole kennel of over 100 that we had. These are not trial dogs. I kept them out of all the dogs because their range and personalities are what I like for foot hunting wild quail and pheasants in Kansas and chukar in Nevada. Sam (Shady Meadows Southern Joe) has been our stud dog for the last few years. He had more range than the 2 females however he has slowed down with age and constant handling. Now he's an excellent wild pheasant/quail/chukar dog and probably the best bred, fertile, 25x CH Crow's Little Joe male in the country. If a person's looking to breed though, Sam throws hard going, very bold dogs. I've had 6 month old pups of his on the Garmin at over 1000 yards many times when we were just letting them run and hunt to bolden them up. I can get away with that though because his pups are very personable and I can reel them back in later in the training process. Quite a few go to NSTRA guys and even more to people who just like to hunt wild birds like me. Their main attribute is the Crow's Little Joe nose. Sam has it and he has proven to throw it in his pups (at least with the 9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude and 25x CH Crow's Little Joe females I have bred him to, don't know about other lines). Sam is an old school bird dog; tough as a boot, a little thick headed and hard core about his bird hunting. Sam has hunted pheasants (KS, MO and NV), quail (several species all over the country), chukar (in NV and CA), grouse (several states), francolin (in Hawaii), Huns (NV), (all wild birds) pretty much everything except we never got to chase Snow Cocks in eastern NV or Ptarmigan. Other than those 2, he's hunted it. Sam just turned 7 in Feb. I'll let him go for $1500 obo.

Pam and Holly are pretty much identical twins in the wild bird field. Both are short to medium range dogs that work fast and methodically. In KS, where we hunt pheasants they stay generally between 20-50 yards. In the more open country of MO and the mountains of NV where we hunt Chukar they go more like 50-100 yards. They check in and keep perfect track of who they are hunting for. Absolutely not one drop of "self hunting" in them. They are both very personable dogs. I have raised 2 litters out of each and they are my 2 females that I was going to keep out of all the hundreds of dogs we owned but finances just won't allow it.

When these 3 dogs go, so does my bird hunting (which seems sad however for family reasons, it's time.) Pam and Holly are both 3 year olds, completely gundog trained and been guided over for 3 seasons. Pam is a frozen semen daughter of 9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude and her mom is out of 2x NC Honky Tonk Highrise who is out of 9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude and a daughter of 25x CH Crow's Little Joe. Holly is one of VERY few double granddaughters of 25x CH Crow's Little Joe. Her dad is 4x CH Shady Meadows Littlejoe Dan who is out of 25x CH Crow's Little Joe and his mom is out of a littermate of 25x CH Crow's Little Joe. Holly's mom is one of the best bird dogs I ever had the pleasure of owning and she was also a direct daughter of 25x CH Crow's Little Joe. Pam and Holly are both $3500 obo.

These are the cream of the crop of a breeding program that I hated to see go when we sold off last year. They are the 3 that we kept for ourselves for this last season and the coming years. It's best for them to go to someone that will be able to hunt them more in the coming years though as we spent a month in Peru and Mexico this last winter and plan to spend much more time there next year. Thus, for us, there's no real point in keeping personal hunting dogs any longer.

More photo's and descriptions of them are on our website on the finished dogs page or for more info, call Shawn at 913-209-9647.