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Natural Pointing Finished Lab--Exceptional Abilities! - Sold Out

  Kevin Kohlscheen

  80574 Victoria Springs Road
          Merna, Nebraska - United States



Drake is an exceptional natural pointing yellow Labrador Retriever with a traditional blocky head. He is 3 years old with an excellent pedigree that speaks for itself. He has been professionally trained and finished for upland hunting by one of the greatest dog trainers in our area. He loves water, retrieving, and doing whatever is asked of him. He quarters well and is very obedient. His hips have tested good. Drake was purchased from Lankas Labs located in Atwood, Kansas. We searched for Drake for a very long time when we discovered the wonderful hunting dogs that Lankas Labs had to offer. They have exceptional dogs with hearts of gold. Our trainer, Steve Ninegar from Elm Creek, Nebraska absolutely loves the tar out of Drake. He impresses him everytime he works with him. I am not able to hunt any more due to a back injury. When I was able to hunt with Drake, he was a dream to hunt behind. He is a stout powerful dog with a strong heart. He has been shown great tender loving care from the time he was a puppy. I expect that he will go to a home that will hunt him a great deal--what he was raised to do. Please call me for any questions.