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Finished Hunting Labrador - Sold Out

  Rex Archer

  CA-United States

  530 743 8547


Yuba River Drake is a classic AKC hunting dog! Upland or waterfowl matters not he is trained to retrieve shot birds in Ponds, Ditches, Grassy areas which is valuable training not often offered in Started dogs. Drake is not only trained in Obedience, had birds shot for him, but as all Yuba River Gundogs are, he will hunt! Drake is 18 months old has been trained in the Yuba River gundog Method for Months and again, is steady to shot

Drake has a flying entry into water, marks the fall of the bird, stays in the fall area until he comes out with the bird! He will heel beside you on or off lease, Load up in pick up, eagerly await your instruction for the type of Hunting you are in the field to do. I am working on him for Steady to send, E-Mail for Training video of Drake. All yuba River Gundogs in addition to having Obedience, breeding, looks, will hunt!