**SOLD**Female GWP German Wirehaired Pointer 2 1/2 years

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**SOLD**Female GWP German Wirehaired Pointer 2 1/2 years

  Brett Wood

  UT-United States



Ziva was my pick from a litter as a potential breeding female. Her sire is a VC at 3 1/2 and her mother is an NA 112 dog who now makes her living at a preserve. Her pedigree is a combination of top NAVHDA dogs with an equal measure of FT dogs.
Ziva is steady to WSF and will back. She is a strong retriever on both land and water. She is a medium range girl (up to 200 yards) who has a very energetic search but will keep track and hunt with you. I don't think you could lose her if you tried. She is extremely friendly to all and I've never had issues with sharpness with other dogs or people. I won't guarantee anything about cats/skunks however even though I've never seen her take one on.
Ziva is about 50lbs and her coat was rated med/med. That being said I consider it less than that and don't think she is a good candidate for cold weather duck hunts.
I will guarantee her temperament and hunting ability with a 30-day trial. I will also consider partial trade for the right 20ga double. I also have some birds she can be shown on. Must go to an active hunting home.