1 Year old AKC Black Female Labrador

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1 Year old AKC Black Female Labrador - Sold Out

  Rex Archer

  CA-United States

  530 743 8547



Here At Yuba River Gundogs in Northern California, we strive to produce exceptional Hunting Retrievers with great Tempernment, great drive, desire to find the Bird, and be an all around Gun dog for their owner. We have been successful in placing some great Breeding and Hunting dogs all across the Country and into Alaska and Canada and we are proud of that fact!

Mollie is from our breeding stock and follows true to form from her dad, Sam and Mom Daisy, who followed true to form from Scooby and lottie, as has lotties sisters. Mollie has been wild Pheasant Hunting in the Rice fields of Northern California, has retrieved Ducks, Pheasants and Doves, and she is great at all of it! The best hunting dogs are trained in Wild bird areas, as all my dogs are. They have had Birds shot over them, been Force Broke to Hold the bird, have had Obedience training.

Mollie can be picked up just 40 miles North of Sacramento, or Shipped from Sacramento International Airport. `Call For Video.