Classy Female FC Sired GSP

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Classy Female FC Sired GSP

  Leo Boman

          Milford, Nebraska - United States

  (402) 984-4979

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Flashy Heidi Rockinfire "Heidi"

Color: Liver & White Patched
Whelped: 5/31/2007
Sire: FC Flashy Ricky Tricky Rockinfire
Dam: Ricky Ticky's Mighty Riley

Heidi is an exteremelly well bred female. Their are 18 FC's, 3 NFC's, and 5 AFC's in her four generation pedigree; including several HOF dogs ( NFC Rawhides Clown, FC Dixelands Rusty) Heidi is very classy and well trained. She has had many birds shot over her and has been hunted throughout the Nebraska grasslands. She has welped a litter of beautiful pups and is an excellent dam. We have a few too many dogs in the kennel, and need to thin the heard.

Heidi is:

Whoa broke
Whistle trained
Points and retreives naturally
Runs a medium to large range
Covers ground nicely
Has been hunted on wild and pen raised birds
She has a sweet temprment and would make a fantastic family dog

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