Fully Broke GSP females, 2 and 6 years of age, GREAT BIRD FINDERS

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Fully Broke GSP females, 2 and 6 years of age, GREAT BIRD FINDERS

  Don Freeman

  1425 Bear Creek Rd.
          Leicester, North Carolina - United States




I have two excellent bred gsp females, that any hunter would love to own. Quick and snappy on the ground. Liver and white, solid heads, about 45 lbs. The six year old is any hunters dream dog. she can do it all with class and style on any game that you put her down on. She will adapt to the range and cover that you hunt. She points and backs with a 12 o'clock tail, retreives to hand, whoa and stay broke, kennels on command. She is line bred FC AFC BIG OAKS SNAP-E-TOM top and bottom, has 19 field champions in four generations. Hunted wild quail, pheasants, chuckars, and ruff grouse. Excellent health, with many years of hunting left in her. Pro trained, loves to hunt and will be out front hunting until you hup her into load. Close to medium range, clean and quiet in the kennels. $1,800 Any one can handle her, broke to whistle or voice.

My two year old is a super fully broke bird finding manchine, points and backs with style, high head and tail. Hits the ground hunting with a super nose, hard all day hunter. Pro trained, steady to wing and shot, if you want her to be, force broke to retreive, has hunter wild quail, ruff grouse and pheasants. She has seen hundreds of wild pheasants killed over her points. Whoa and wait broke, heels, kennels, quiet and clean in the kennel. This is a super nice young dog with no faults. She is Moesguard breeding on both sides, sold for $800.00 as a six week old pup. price $3,000, close to medium range. just got back from a Ruff Grouse hunt in Michigan where she saw 43 grouse hit the ground and several Wood Cocks.

At present I own four gsp's and I'm cutting back to three, every which dogs sells first, I'm keeping the other one. These dogs are not rejects, they are solid birddogs that's super nice hunting dogs and could win at any NSTRA , Challenge or AKC walking dog trial. These dogs are conditioned and ready to go now.

I will be leaving North Carolina Oct. 31st heading to SD, on a pheasant hunt until Nov. 11. I would be glad to meet and deliver while on the way to or from SD. You are welcome to come and hunt with either of these dogs while I am in Huron SD. Feel free to call me with any questions are concerns that you may have regarding either one of these fine dogs. My cell phone number is 828-545-2056