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Superior genetics GSP Male - Sold Out

  Grant Anderson

  341 N. Pine po box 545
          Genoa, Nebraska - United States



Clark is a 2 year old male GSP. He is an excellent hunting dog. He is able to get his M.H. title now! He has been at training Crystal Creek Kennels and is solid in the field and has about 2 weeks left of training to master his duck search. He loves the open water and loves his duck drag and does it with excellence. He Will be your next VC dog.
Clark has one of the best if not the best pedigrees in the country. He comes out of DC AFC Odyssey's Perfection MH who is out of DC/AFC/BISS Odyssey's Sam Saint Max MH, VCX and that list goes one. His Dam is UT Prize 1 (perfect score 204) Ivorys Quest who is also out of VC Shooting Starr's Rambling Jake. Clarks pedigree is completely full of titled dogs, too many to count, back to VC Jacob VD Westwind to FC Dixielands Rusty.
If your looking for a dog who has a wonderful temperament and hunts like a machine look no further Clark is the dog for you!
I recently made a job switch to the city and cant keep him locked up all year without hunting is the only reason i am departing with Clark. It would be inhumane to not hunt something with this type of talent.
Clark is being sold for $3000. Please only serious inquiries from people who will hunt him regularly.