Log cabin on lake w/ kennel for sale Virtual tour added!

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Log cabin on lake w/ kennel for sale Virtual tour added!

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  6340 Goodman Dr.
          Merriam, Kansas - United States



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We moved to CA last summer for a job and the employer was bancrupt when we got there (didn't tell us of course) and we left Shady Meadows in the hands of a very capable trainer that went through some severe family issues and to make a long story short, I can't take the way my ranch in MO looked when I came back yesterday and can't take the thought of it happening again when we go back to CA in time for the kids to start school so I am selling the ranch and everything on it. The ranch will probably get bought by someone local because people have been bugging us for years to sell it because it's such a unique sportsmans property with the log cabin and the lake and all the wildlife. Being in rural MO it is only $289,000. There is a slideshow presentation of the ranch on our website. It has a beautiful fishing lake, several pastures for cattle, a 2000 sq ft (1000 up, 1000 down) 3 bedroom 2 bath log cabin, a 2 car plus shop area Morton building, a seperate 4 car garage, 3 barns and of course a bunch of kennels. the place is absolutely breath taking and one of a kind. You couldn't find another place like it if you searched most of the Midwest. My preference would be to find someone that would want to be partners in the ranch and live here and have full access to everything and we live in CA and maybe come back once a year or something. I hate to sell it completely because I grew up coming down here (it was my grandpa's) and fishing and hunting as a kid and it's the ideal place to raise kids if a person like the midwest weather. The local school is small town and doesn't have a lot of the problems of big city schools and receives tremendous community support. We have grown fond of the weather in CA though and don't want to live in the midwest again. That being said, we will sell it completely if that's what is neccesary or in partnership.

As for dogs, there's all the dogs on the website plus we have a couple dozen young dogs that were to be trained out for this fall. All are VERY well bred and are ready to train out for this hunting season. I'll sell most of the breeding gsp females for $500 each. There's a couple that would be more. The pointer females, most are pretty rare dogs and are completely trained and will be around $3500 but some of them I'll sell for $500 too. Stud dogs, guide females, anything and everything must go in the next month to 6 weeks before we go back to CA. I've tried to do this in the past with no real conviction on my part to get it done because it's actually very heart breaking to do but I have just had it now and my kids love it in CA and so does my wife so I am going to just cut the ties to back here and move on. If someone wants the whole operation (ranch, cattle, kennel, dogs, equipment, tractor, zero turn mowers, everything) I'd put it all in one big package and sell it all for $390,000 and leave all the tools and everything here. That's a lot less than it's all worth. It would make someone a sweet deal and I could move on without having to work at selling everything and having an auction. I have my fifth wheel here so I could stay on long enough to show a person the ropes if they want the whole package. If you have questions the ranch phone number is 660-832-4233 or my cell is 913-209-9647. Ask for Shawn or my e-mail is shadymeadowsgundogs@hughes.net

****added, here is a link to a virtual tour of the property. http://www.visualtour.com/show.asp?T=2273787