Awesome 9 Month Old

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Awesome 9 Month Old

  Roger and Sandra Lansdell

  2611 Avalon Dr
          Troy, Michigan - United States



This young dog has developed early. He's a long legged speed demon. He's pointing, holding and retrieving. He does back but has not been completely whoa broke and will break from a backing scenario. However he has never charged in or bumped birds. He simply relocates until he catches scent and then holds. We are in the process of correcting this and is on the way to being corrected.

His training and successes to this point have been with quail, pigeons and most recently in preserve hunting scenarios. He did accompany us on wild bird hunts this fall (grouse woodcock) but in his youth couldn't quite figure it all out. However I fully expect that with the right handling, training and bird exposure that he will amaze even the most critical by next fall.

He is also fully house broken and functions best in a home environment with lots of people contact. If you are looking for a great companion, a superb hunting dog for years to come and a potential trial dog you need to take a close look at this guy.