Well Trained 2 year old Yellow Labrador

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Well Trained 2 year old Yellow Labrador

  Rex Archer

  CA-United States

  530 743 8547



Hunter is a fast AKC retriever on land or water, marks birds and takes a line direct to them! Retrieves Doubles, Blinds, marks, Steady to Shot on Pheasant or Ducks, equally at home with Pheasants, Quail, Dove or Ducks. Loads up in Pickup after Hunting.

Hunter Has a great desire to Retrieve, has retrieved Wild Ducks, Wild Pheasants, Quail, you will not lose your bird with Hunter, very good disposition with Dogs and Children, Friendly has had Obedience training, Hips are Xrayed Prelim Good, Avid Chip, Shots up to date. Hunter is being trained to Sit to whistle, and can be sent from a remote position, is a fast learner and has wheels.

Recently I was at Dobbs Training Facility and Jim Dobbs and crew were Running marks and Blinds and Offered to run Hunter through a series. Hunter as Usual Took a Line straight to the fall stepped on it, brought the Duck to Hand! After completing the evaluation, Jim Dobbs said "You will never lose a bird with this dog."

I am downsizing my Hunting dogs to make room for More and I will Offer Hunter at $3,000.