Trained Brittanys ready to hunt. NOW!

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Trained Brittanys ready to hunt. NOW!

  Randy Couch

  3969 Louisville rd.
          salvisa, Kentucky - United States



I am forced to sell all my dogs but one. Not my choice. I have 6 Britts from some of the finest breeding in the country. I can provide pedigrees, photos, and references of these dogs ability.
Bella a 5 yr old O/W female 1200.00. Granddaughter of Gamblers Ace In A Hole. A methodical busy worker with medium range. Sweet peronality, points, backs, and retrieves. Handles wild pheasants really well but she works quail nicely.

Sandy 4 yr old O/W female 1500.00. Pedigree is full of hall of fame dogs. She is a fast hard charging, never quit attitude but yet, sweet and calm in house or car. Hunted on quail and wild pheasants. Not been on ruffed grouse but she would do well once acclimated to them.

Dixie 1 yr old O/W roan female 825.00. She is green but very well socialized. Very birdie, points beautifully and shows signs of a natural retrieve. Needs finishing but you could hunt her now.

Boomer 1 yr old O/W roan male 500.00 was my pick due his color. Pointed every bird he has been put on so far but has not had enough work. Would make an excellant grouse dog.

Chip 9 yr old liver male 425.00. Direct son of Gamblers Ace In a Hole. If he was four his price would be plus 2500. He is a good bird dog that will hunt for anyone. He is still going strong but he is nine and if you want to take a chance on an older dog you cannot go wrong. He has experience with Huns, quail, pheasant and two species of grouse. I have his full brother which is not for sale.

Rhett 5 mo. old O/W male 700.00 Grandson of Nolans Last Bullet and Shambo's Dark Shadow two of the best Brittany's of their time.

I want these dogs to go to homes they deserve the best because they have given me great joy over the years. Call for more details. I am located near Lexington, Ky. 859-319-3325.